Sharing meals together brings happiness and better health to older adults

IMG_7046 - Dallas

When Dallas’ wife died of complications from severe dementia, he was devastated. For more than 50 years, they were a team, each other’s best friend and constant companion. It was the loneliest time of his life. Dallas’ days, once packed with responsibilities of farmer and husband, suddenly stretched long and were too quiet. He missed the sound of his wife’s infectious laughter and the comforting smells of her famous roast beef and potatoes.

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Small towns are like family

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“I can honestly say, I’ve held different jobs in my lifetime and this is the most meaningful. When you work with seniors, they get to be like family — like your grandparents or mom and dad,” said Carole DeMars, LSS Senior Dining Assistant Director. “You become so close. Sometimes, we are able to pick up on changes in their health sooner than their families. We become their eyes and ears and notice if their mother or father is starting to become more frail or forgetful.”

In the charming town of Warren, population 1,563, people know one another and the community feels like a big family. It’s the kind of place that brings out the best in everyone.
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