Jeff Finds His Best Life


Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota is a leader in person-centered planning, helping people with disabilities gain clarity around what is possible for their futures. “This self-discovery process gives people control over things they desire and find satisfying,” said Betsy Gadbois, program director for LSS. “It’s important to listen because the people we support know best about what they want in their lives.”

Jeff, an avid cyclist, finds comfort  in exploring nearby trails. At his person-centered planning session, he shared goals to ride more frequently and independently. “It gives me time to myself and I can exercise,” he said. “I love it.” When he’s not out riding his bike, Jeff stays busy with work around the house.

He soon realized he was capable of more. “I told everyone I would be happier with more independence,” he said.  His support staff supported desires to move into his own apartment in the basement of the home he shares with three housemates. His “man cave,” Jeff calls it, is a space all his own.

“I feel proud of my own place to go,” he said, mentioning that having support close by is comforting. “If I need anything, they’re still upstairs,” he said.

“I’m really happy with life right now,” he said. His confidence spills over into his work life, too. “I’m excited to try new tasks,” he said of his job cleaning and making sure building grounds are kept up. “It makes me feel good.”

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