Small towns are like family

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“I can honestly say, I’ve held different jobs in my lifetime and this is the most meaningful. When you work with seniors, they get to be like family — like your grandparents or mom and dad,” said Carole DeMars, LSS Senior Dining Assistant Director. “You become so close. Sometimes, we are able to pick up on changes in their health sooner than their families. We become their eyes and ears and notice if their mother or father is starting to become more frail or forgetful.”

In the charming town of Warren, population 1,563, people know one another and the community feels like a big family. It’s the kind of place that brings out the best in everyone.
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Keeping caregivers healthy


Looking back, Jan Oian now sees the signs she missed of her husband’s changing health condition. Stan would lose his train of thought, and Jan would finish sentences for him. When Stan was driving, he would miss turns on common routes home. Eventually, Stan was diagnosed with early dementia.

Nationwide, 91% of caregiving is provided by family members. Jan is now caring around the clock for her husband of 63 years and appreciates the trained caregiver from Lutheran Social Service, Mary Beth Simmer, who offers her four-hour breaks each week to rest or run errands.

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LSS Senior Companions: Neighbor-to-Neighbor Care

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Lana Glover is proud to help make it possible for Juliette Silvers to remain living in her south Minneapolis home. For Juliette, who is blind, errands like picking up groceries and medications can be challenging – especially in the winter. Lana, Juliette’s LSS Senior Companion, helps her navigate icy sidewalks, corral her cat for trips to the vet and gets her printer unstuck when she can’t see what’s causing the problem. The two also have become fast friends.

“With the right match, this program can change someone’s life!” Juliette exclaimed.
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